Ue4_Arid Environment

Hello Everyone, this is my first time posting on this Epic forums. I have been working on my first landscape during my spare time although my previous environment were mainly based on hardsurfaces. So it was time to change and get out of my comfort zone to move forward and learn new stuff.

Hope you like it.
Any advices are welcome ! =)


Nice, the textures are awesome

Looks like an awesome start!

I don’t know why but your objects are in the foreground and not the background. Is that for any reason? I think if you could add some to the horizon line then it would complete the scene nicely.

Wow, it look like a photo-realistic scene !

A flyby video with a western music track or simply a wind sound would be awesome :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good! :slight_smile:

Thank you guys !

I will make more foliage and some variations of those this weekend.

paulv2k4 Yes it’s because I’m culling the foliage to get better performance. I’ll adjust this setting later.

Stevelois You read in my mind ! ahah :stuck_out_tongue:

There is something I’m wondering, I was planning to make some kind of medium tree with speedtree but the thing is I don’t really have an idea on how many polygons I can put in there ? considering my target is for pc.
Another things, I would like to know if there is a proper way to make the material expression looks cleaner ? Because I’m currently doing this with the layer blend but it’s a gorgeous mess in there, I know some of you will see an horror movie if I show a screen of this >.< So somebody nice can explain or a link or something where I can learn properly this would be really nice, thank you.

Okay here is the little update of the environment, still have to add more variation (=. I added a second variation of the cactus and made a new little one. I’ve been having some issues though with the small tree. I got some black side on it and after searching about the problem I end up finding some info about the lightmap resolution. After reading some threads I set the material to two sided and the shading model to two sided foliage as well. Then I end up getting something ok at a res of 2048 lightmap res. I wanted to know if a 2048 res is too high for a small tree ? Then the tree is about 7800 tris is this ok or should I reduce it ? There are 2 lod’s set up on it.


Hello, it’s been a while and I’m sorry about this. I didn’t stop working on this scene I just decided to move on a smaller one since I’m pretty busy with work.
So I basically made a kind of a reboot. Worked back on the rocks with Zbrush and made a bunch of new rocks around 1500-3000 tris. I improved the lighting and worked on the post process. I was thinking of adding smaller pebbles rocks for my next step. Well, if you have some advice or suggestion about this scene let me know. (=


I like it! its so clean and real. :3