UE4 + VS Code problem

So, I created this project in VS17 3 days ago. Now, I deleted VS17 and installed VS Code trought [this][1] tutorial. But when I wanted regenerate project files, it gives me error like this:

You may have to open the editor and set the preferred source code editor to VSCode so it generates the Code specific project files.

Now, solution was in installing vs2015 build tools. But now, I have 2 problems: infinite(around 20 minutes) hot reload and InteliSenese show me lots of errors and doesn’t give me any suggestions. So, what’s I’m doing wrong.

The hot reload time, I can’t determine without stepping through the code. Personally, I don’t use hot reload on a regular basis.

With respect to the autocomolete in vs code, I remember a post discussing how to get it working. Search for that problem separately. IIRC there is another AnswerHub question which details the vs code files needed for autocimplete.