UE4 to Davinci Resolve Live

Hello everyone,

I am trying to have some sort of live output from Unreal to a Decklink card using the Blackmagic Design.

So far I am under the impression that even though not listed several cards from Blackmagic will work.

My first question goes more regarding if the following setup makes sense to try to figure out which hardware to use:

Using one card:

  • Output from Unreal using a Decklink
  • Studio 4K as a playback device Setup
  • Davinci to capture from the same
  • Decklink Studio 4K Start Resolve Live
  • Profit?

Using two cards/same machine:

  • Output from Unreal using a Decklink Studio 4K or a Mini Monitor 4K as a playback device
  • Connect the playback card to a different Studio4K or Mini Recorder 4K on the same machine via HDMI
  • Setup Davinci to use the capture card we connected the playback card into
  • Start Resolve Live
  • Profit?

This is a workflow test in order to figure out if we can potentially do live grading of the Unreal framebuffer.

My second question is that if will it be possible to output the pre-tonemapped pass? As of now we can access that information when we export a screenshot from unreal with all the involved passes. But, is there a way to send in a live feed any other passes from the Unreal camera to the BMD output?