UE4 to Blender fixing animations.

Hi there all.
I have been creating lots of new characters for a project using Daz Studio figures which are retargeted to the UE4 Sk.

My issue is with clipping during animations.
As can be seen in the images I have several characters with long dresses and robes and of course during walk and run animations the dresses clip through legs.

I know I could use clothing assets and will be for the main characters it would probably be more efficient to have baked animations for most NPC characters.
I would like to export the animations and meshes to blender and from there use cloth, shrinkwrap and collision modifiers to create the animation and then bake the animation and export to UE4.
I have exported the animation with mesh and opened it in blender though the animation does not import with the mesh and skeleton.
I am sure this is covered somewhere already on this forum. So if anyone can point me to the right place or offer some advice I would appreciate it. Thanks.