UE4 - The first time I test a build, starts with low FPS, why?

Whenever I do the first shipping build, when it finishes I restart the computer and start the game, but for some reason, that I don’t understand, the first build always starts with a low FPS of 40 to 45 and it starts overheating fast, BUT… If I close the game and star it again 2° time, now FPS is 60 to 90 and heat decreases, why?


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I hate that no one answered this. I run my editor and build with an RTX 2060 6GB, Ryzen R5 5600x and 48GB DDR4 RAM. Sometimes it runs like ■■■■, and I don’t even have that many actors and lighting in the level

Try having a look if you have made anything run on tick, very performance heavy, otherwise could be rendering/lighting settings or post processing values.