UE4 Team members/Game Title TACTICAL SUPREMACY

Hey guys i have started a project with a small team we currently working on 3D Model characters and map layouts.We are using a generic shooter template at the moment and evolving it in to something a lot better.
The Current team we have are 3D character/object modeller,Web Designer/Programmer,and Game Designer the game designer is really young but a very talented individual.
I am interested in getting someone that can work on rigging character animations. I have the Rifle Animset Pro animations from Unreal Marketplace and would like it implemented. i would like anyone that can help in all areas Sound,UI,Concept Art,Level Design all areas really,just let me know if you interested in joining the team il be happy to discuss with anyone if your a Beginner,Experienced,Professional it doesn’t matter il consider you after we talk.You can find us at or on facebook @