UE4 SunSphere Actor Rotation/Sun Direction not being read?

Hey all, i’m a writer fairly new to Unreal Engine. I’ve been trying to create a day/night cycle which I have succeeded on in various ways; the strange thing though… after I did a couple tweaks to my blueprint while watching a video tutorial, I tried pressing play, but I was shocked to see that all 365 days of my time cycle were flashing in milliseconds, at first I thought it was cool… but then I couldn’t stop it. I tried deleting all my tweaks and have it exactly identical to the one in the video I was watching.

So I re-made everything, I even tried a new project, but now it doesn’t even flash. An error message just pops up saying that my “SetActorRotation” and my “SunDirection” property values aren’t being read. Even though they are, i’m really stumped, i’m not sure if its just a nooby mistake or if something is bugged but I’ve been at it for 4 going onto 5 days now and I still haven’t figured it out.

Please help! Thanks :slight_smile: