UE4 Subscription Questions

hey i was wondering what happens when my month runs out and i cant pay for it anymore can i still use it but cant get updates or have to buy it again?

Yeah you’ll still be able to use the version of the engine you had at the time of your subscription, from the Unreal Engine FAQ:

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Do I have to worry about a billing contract or penalties for cancelling my subscription?

Your subscription payment automatically recurs, but you’re free to cancel at any time. There’s no penalty for cancellation.

When you cancel your subscription, you won’t receive access to future releases of Unreal Engine 4, however your login will remain active, and you are free to continue using the versions of Unreal Engine 4 which you obtained as a subscriber under the terms of the EULA.

They’re pretty open about letting you use the engine after cancelling your subscription, although I believe you’re only allowed to publish or distribute games with the subscription, though I might be wrong on that.

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I think they said you don’t need an active subscription to publish your game. Can’t find the thread right now. But as I understood it’s basically like this:

Subscribing to the bleeding edge version of the engine: 19$/month
Publishing your commercial project: 5% of revenue
Working with one of the industry’s best AAA engines as a poor student: priceless

You will have no more updates, not will you be able to download it again (not even the old version)
I know because I tried this!

You will get the latest update up to the last one you had when your subscription is valid. If you cancel you cannot get any new updates for the engine until you repurchase a subscription. There is no fees for needing to cancel. You still will be help responsible for 5% royalty on anything your game makes even if using your engine with no subscription.

Hope this answers your questions.