UE4 Subscription plan

Most of you guys know that you can signup for 20 bucks and cancel to get access for the engine (without the updates). I’m really new to the Unreal Engine, never used older versions. About a year ago I saw tech demo and decided to wait until this day to see if it’s something I would like to learn and use, and Epic blew my mind yesterday with this whole deal. I wasn’t waiting to see UE4 until in 2-3 years from now and I was afraid I couldn’t afford it when it would finally come.

So, what I’m trying to say here is that I won’t be canceling my sub anytime soon, because I can afford that 20 bucks a month and I feel it’s a least I can do to give back to them. So, before you cancel your sub give it a though; what can you do to support Epic as they support us all! :slight_smile:

PS. I have never been this excited :smiley: I’m like a kid in candy store for the first time haha, thanks Epic!