UE4 - Shipped project at Fullscreen not working, with several screens and resolutions, why?

Hi, using specific resolutions for Full Screen after shipping (packaged project UE4.26) is not working, for example: r.setRes 1280x720f causes all my widgets buttons not to figure out the correct location of the mouse, other commands can cause the screen to become smaller, larger than the main screen resolution, poor quality or 4K when my Screen is 2K (Affecting the FPS and overheating the PC unnecessarily).

To fix this issue, I decided to stop setting fixed full screen resolutions, and getting my own PC resolution to match, it works like a charm:

But, now UE can´t figure out the correct screen and resolution to match (I have 3 PC screens)

If I set the game “windowed” then move it to my 2° Screen which has a different resolution, and use the previous nodes, it becomes full screen but the project edges stay outside (and all widgets), If I bring it back to my main screen, and make it full screen again, it matches perfectly.

If I try it in my 3° screen, the fullscreen nodes make it off screen (not centered)…

I guess the node “get desktop resolution” is only taking the correct resolution from the main screen defined in Windows, So I tried launching from the 2° screen, same problem, it keeps matching the main screen.

What can I do, to make Full Screen Work after shipping?