Ue4 save and load game in Virtual Reality

Hey guys, I have seen many tutorials out there but none of them I have found address for Widget Virtual Reality
How do I setup a Save and Load system using Blueprint? for motion controller pawn (self) just save and load all i do in any level and my location in any level . Thank you

Saving in VR is no different than saving in non-VR. You need to use a save game object and a load cycle. As for saving the player location just before you save your game data to a slot get the player location and save it as a vector variable in the save game object. Saving the level can be as simple as storing an integer variable for the current level and loading this back up on start the next time you play. For help with Save/Load check out video #21 in the link below.

Just add a player location variable to the functions in the game instance for loading and saving a game.

Thanks. I’ll check it.