UE4 Sample Projects & Art Assets Usage?

Hi all, new here.

What are the rules on using art assets from the sample project for personal project? (Non-commercial)
Is it okay to use them for a student project if it is not graded based on art?

For example, using buildings from the shooter sample to create a different futuristic scene/environment. Ofcourse, if it is okay to use it, credits will be given to Unreal 4.


You can use it even for commercial projects. The only restriction - you can’t redistribute this assets in raw formats.

Hi, EPIC said in a very early stream, that their sample-content can be used in your game for free.

Actually I was wrong, you can redistribute and sublicense Example content.


Thank you guys and thanks for the EULA link. This is awesome as I can focus more on game mechanics instead of making art as my art is not that great :smiley:

P.S. Thanks UE4 for being awesome!