UE4 Runtime Distributable

I’ve been googling around, trying to find out the current state of affairs regarding distributing a packaged copy of my game.

I’m at the stage where I just want people to try what I have out, but they seem to require the UE4 IDE to be installed to run it. Is there a UE4 engine distributable I can send them?

I’ve also noticed that when I package for development and package for production, the former is about 170MB and the latter is over 400MB. What’s the difference?

I don’t think they want UT4 distributed just yet.

Upload your prototypes here and those of us that have the engine can give feedback.

Right now it’s pretty much not possible. Video footage will have to do, or they’ll need to buy a UE4 license for at least one month.

Good info, thanks! Here’s the link to my project. At the moment it’s essentially just a test of a cel shading method:

Download: MEGA
Video: CelShooter 001 - YouTube

thats very kool i like that, but is that supposed to be a map? or an unreal world? (only looekd at the video don’t own the UE4 license yet.

I’ve mistakenly posted in the UT sub rather than the UE one. It’s just a shader test for Unreal Engine.

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UE4 has a cooking feature so that you can share your projects