UE4 Runs on Old Laptop. (just about)

If anyone was considering purchasing Unreal Engine 4 but wasn’t sure if there system could handle it then you will probably be fine. I am pretty sure that this is the minimum as I can run the Engine on the lowest settings at 100 resolution. Its is perfectly usable however the only problem is that when you bump up the quality to high or EPIC! Then you will see massive changes to the environment. If anyone wants to know anything about running Unreal Engine 4 on an old laptop and if it would work then please ask and check out my system specs. Cheers!

My Specs: (Alienware M15x - 2009-2010 ish)

i7 CPU Q720 @ 1.60GHz
4GB Ram
GeForce GTX 260m
1TB Hard drive.

With Windows 8.1 64bit