UE4 RPG Tutorial Series

Hello ladies and gents!

My name is Carlos. I’m still pretty new to the unreal engine. I have been enjoying messing about with it and learning many different things watching tutorials. I’ve noticed that rpgs is very possible but there are not many ongoing series for that subject especially for 3d rpgs and non top downs. I decided to make a series covering it in hopes to help myself learn and hopefully help someone else. Let me know what you all think of it. I’m learning as I go and there should be a video every Wednesday on Youtube.


I like this stuff :smiley: will watch for sure

+1, i’m on your subscriber’s list mate! :wink:

Thanks for the love guys it helps a lot I hope I’m doing ok with teaching others this stuff. I’m learning as I go

So far so good, awaiting the next parts to the tutorial chain.

Nice tutorial list you got there. I hope to see it grow in the future. You earned yourself a sub!

Nice start cant wait for your nit and gritty to kick in… im hoping as last video was in MAR this isnt the end of your series… really need this logic knowledge for myself…