UE4 realtime motion graphics

I think there is a thread about this already, but I am really curious since I just saw this post here:

This guy here is making real-time motion graphics in unity, some are even interactive…, is there a way to do something like this in unreal? Does anyone know what techniques he is using?

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Not sure what you intend for “real time motion graphics” though what the guy does do is plain and simple art with nothing at all being simple about it.
Cool stuff, some of it may even be procedurally generated in whole or in part.
It’s not impossible to reproduce using any engine that has any Flow Dynamics or Particle Dynamics
This is an OK physX example using the free unreal project
This is an applied example of using the same phisX stuff in a slightly more destructive fashion

here is an how to - for getting Flex (physX) to integrate
If like the guy all you are interested in is producing an end result and filming it, you can build the engine and go through the trouble to do it all. If you are making a game, I don’t recommend it, since it’s unlikely the game would work on non Nvidia platforms.
Though i’m sure the ATI group has it’s own version of this.

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thanks! form what I gathered ue4 or even any game engine today is not really effective for motion graphics. :stuck_out_tongue:
the real-time vfx stuff looks cool though! thanks for sharing!
I was just curious, nothing more :slight_smile:

Unless you need it in real-time, the main 3D software is better equipped for that.