UE4 Problem with Waves Watermaterial and Mesh

At the moment I work at my Water Material for my Ocean. I know how to how to create Material with Sinus Wave GerstnerWaves and all what’s needed.

But the Problem is when I apply this to a plane the whole plane is moving. And not waves on the plane. I know there is a Grid or something but I don’t know more about it. Please someone help me with it and tell me how to correctly apply it to a plane or tell me what exactly I else need.

And maybe you guys can tell me some links or Tipps how to stop the water when there is a landscape and adding curls then.

Would be great. Thank You :)!

I presume you are following a tutorial there (incase you do which one?)… My first idea would be that you plugged the waves in WorldPositionOffset instead of tesselation… Second guess would be a wrong input node.

But for further soultions i’d need to see the code/bp you have.