UE4 popularity in game jams?

Hello everyone! I have been thinking about participating in a game jam soon, however my knowledge is limited to UE4 (I started making games when it came out). So for those who go to game jams pretty often, do you think I will have trouble finding other people willing to work with me using this engine?

Normally it shouldnt be a problem to find people that want to work with you. Best place for that is this section: :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I don’t mean to spoil the party, but shouldn’t everything you use be open source? I honestly don’t know if UE4 fits here. About the finding other people bit, UE4 is quite popular. You can check the facebook page or the media that organizes the game jam for other people using UE4 :slight_smile:

I’ve seen plenty of jams where many are using Unity or some other engine.

Sorry, my bad. I meant free. In fact, in the last game jam I participated, I also used Unity. It may a bit out of topic, back then my team asked the organizers if we can use a paid middleware (for which we had licenses) and we were denied :slight_smile:

I’d imagine it depends on the jam and its organisers as to what is or is not allowed.

I know peanut butter jam, Strawberry jam,Traffic jam. Game Jam is new for me…