UE4 Naming System

Hi in this video I’m demonstrating my naming system that
I’m creating in UE4 using blueprints. Its been an long process
off and on. To sum it up I’m making a system where you type in
your name and characters say exactly what you type instead of premade
names. Focusing on getting the characters to pronounce it correctly too.
Right now I’m using single letters but have to add double letters such as
aa,ab,ac,ad,ae,af, ba,bb,bc,bd. You get it. Would love feedback as it’s
a great system to have in your games.

Cool idea. Will depend on how nicely you can get the transitions between sounds but if you manage it this will be awesome tbh :slight_smile:

Are you using a speech API for this?

Thanks apoisonedgift. That’s kind of why I’ve only been working on it and nothing else really. lol I know I should be working on other stuff, I just really want to get it done even if it takes long because I think its worth implementing ya know. Once I do the double letters hopefully it will sound better.

Are you using a speech API for this?

No not at all. Just using blueprints. More so toggling between widgets, spawning blueprints with commands. Just overall visual scripting. I’m recording audio myself. I’m getting ready to test out some names for example Frank. Fr-an- and then single k. See how it sounds. Like I say it won’t be pre-made names just whatever you type, but have to work on pronoucing and like apoisonedgift say how they transition. I will keep the forum updated when I get more going.