ue4 multiplay my character pitch doesnt change

server can see that client’s aim pitch is change

but clients cant see each other’s aim pitch change
in this picture server pitch is down but client doesnt know that pitch is change

this is my c++ code that relate to the aim pitch
AimPitch is the value that i use for my pitch

here is my animation blueprint
and blueprint’s parent class is c++ code that i showed to you


i want to make client see other character’s pitch change what can i do? plz help me
how can i make AimPitch Replicated ?
AimPitch is in AnimInstance so i dont know how to replicated
my english is bad but if you understood my question please help me

what does A.X or B.X give you? that should be the pitch and i would think it has already been replicated. you will have to check that to see if i’m correct.