UE4 Meshes and Quixel Mixer

With the new update to Quixel Mixer I thought I’d try and bring in some UE4 meshes (infinity blade assets) into Quixel Mixer and play around with them. I’m having a bit of trouble getting it to work however. I’m getting an error that states that models with multiple texture sets are not currently supported.
I exported the model to an FBX from UE4, then loaded it in Maya. I then opened the UV Set Editor and deleted the Lightmap UV and then exported the mesh again, and this time it will work (now that it only has one texture set) but the UV’s are all messed up.
Can anyone give me a tip on how to properly achieve this workflow? Thank you

This update is invaluable !

I can now import the meshes from Megascans and edit the mesh itself by adding other materials as layers etc…

but can we export this new mesh that is seemingly being created by the displacement ?

or should I simply be depending on the new displacement map to alter the original mesh to that extent ?
will it ?

Mixer only supports meshes with a single set of UVs at the moment. It will throw that error at you if you load FBX meshes with multiple materials assigned to them, too. Since Mixer isn’t modeling software, @yung23athome, you’ll need to apply the displacement map that Mixer creates to the model at run-time or in your modeling package.