Ue4 material variation help.

Hi, I have a wood texture that I’m using for some wood beams, now I only have 4 variations of these beams(woodbeam_long, woodbeam_tall, etc…) as they can be duplicated a lot so no need for lots of variations of mesh but because they are mapped to similar locations on the UV space you begin to notice it is the same beam duplicated.

Now I know you can do world aligned materials in ue4 which I have tried but my problem is because these beams are rotated in different axis with world aligned materials the wood grain wont always go in the direction it has been mapped which would be longer face of the beam.

Can anyone think of a smarter way of doing this so I can utilize my texture space more without creating more duplicates of the geometry mapped in other areas?


There’s a lot of stuff you can do in materials to add variation. Creating a mask for your wooden planks that cuts out only the wood grain will allow you to tile a tileable wood grain texture as much as you want, vary it plank by plank, distort it using a normal map masked RG, and do all sorts of crazy things while keeping the edges untouched.

Check out my Perfect Tile System on the marketplace. It does pretty much exactly what I described with more emphasis on variation per-plank!