UE4 Mac Lighting Rebuild stuck at 0%

[FONT=Arial Narrow]I’m fairly new to UE4 and everytime I try to rebuild the lighting only, it’s stuck at 0%. Every solution would tell mac users to turn off their firewall but mine was never up. Help?

If you open SwarmAgent and go to the log tab, what does it say?

Also, how much memory does your Mac have and how complex is the level?

[FONT=Arial Narrow]There is no SwarmAgent on Mac. I have 8 GB and my level isn’t very complex. I’m only using squares to blockout a small scene.

It’s very possible your lightmass is being blocked by your firewall. Make sure to go into your security and privacy and put UnrealLightmass to Allow Incoming Connections.

[FONT=Arial Narrow]My firewall was never up, so that was never an issue. The problem fixed itself when I closed and reopened the application. Thanks anyway!