UE4 Likely to Crash During Saving a Material

This is quite a recent issue and by recent I mean it has never happened before until like last couple of weeks ago. I have enabled the standalone graphics card and the CPU is surely enough for this project of relative miniature. However, the time spent trying to save any material which has been just edited is around at least 3 minutes, and every time I make the attempt to save Im actually risking crashing the engine, roughly estimated Id say that one crash would occur out of every eight times I click save. This should be abnormal I think.

There is also something that could be related, when compiling a material the message that pops up at the lower right corner of the editor displaying the decreasing number of shaders, and that number easily goes below zero to -1000 and even less, this I noticed to have first happened around roughly the same time the above issue first appear.

Frankly this is so very annoying!

Any suggestions on how to improve or rectify this? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: