UE4 lighting tips please ?


First of all sorry for my English! it’s not my mother tongue

I’m trying to make a scene on Unreal Engine 4, it’s a pirate cabin but my knowledge on UE4 is really weak …
I would like to have a correct light so I can continue to create props.
My scene is really dark and I don’t know why? do I have to fake light with point light?
The problem is the light doesn’t go to the back room.
Normally the lights in my windows should be enough to light my room? like this video Realistic Sunlight in Unreal Game Engine (Volumetric Lighting - THE PRO WAY) - YouTube

I have a skylight + directional light + ExponentialHeightFog but it’s like the light doesn’t bounce
The skylight is " working " but after the build, it gets dark again

Thank you very much for your future answer and a very beautiful afternoon


Thank you for your answers! I’ve tweaked a bit my scene with point light and skylight and it’s better!

My skylight is on Stationary and my Directional on Movable ( but maybe I have to switch to static for this scene ?)

I’m gonna put some screenshot of my settings! my light mass is maybe too high?
512 for the wall, foundation and floor, and 256 for props.

hmm ok, I’m gonna check lightmass portal !

Thank you! have a nice day!