UE4 + Kinect 2 to mannequin skin

Hi all!

I just wanna start with that I’m new to both Unreal Engine and Kinect 2. However, what I have been trying to do with the Kinect in Unreal Engine is to hook the Kinect poseable mesh (Mannequin skin) to the Kinect interface, and the thing is I kind of got it working with just a simple blueprint like this in UE4 version 4.13.2:


It works only sometimes, eather the full body is getting tracked (arms, legs, movement) by just this blueprint - or just the movement of the spine (the character is fixed and is staticly floating in the world by my movement). It feels really random, eather it tracks the full body movement, or just floats around.

How do I eliminate this pseudo random behaviour and make it track the body to the Mannequin every time?

Another thing I managed to do is to attach a sphere to each body:
By the sphere approach, it works 100% of the times.

How I did that is explained here:

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks! =)