UE4 Keeps Crashing While Moving objects!

Hello all, I hope this is in the right section for this issue. I have been currently working on a project using Level Streaming Volumes To build my building for ir will contain many rooms and such. I am now currently working on the fifth room or map as I shall say. All was doing great till now. What I am trying to do is select all the contents I have placed and try to move the room just a bit in one direction and the editir closes out giving me an error report to turn in then restart. This happens in both the Presistent and the map I am working with. I just need to move the room some how so I can connect it in the right location on the main part of the project screen making one complete building. Simple to say just press the “W” key and move the arrow to the direction I want. Sorry this not happening for the program will freeze for a bit then close out. Attached is a screen shot of what little I have so far I am having problem with. Thanks in advance. 59ab3bb3140ddde318223ce8dc42ccc5a1fe8b6c.jpegerror message.jpg

One advice: maybe you want to hide your Epic Account ID in the screen shot above :smiley:

And about the issue…how you try to move this? In level editor or by the level blueprint ?

Hay thanks so very much for bringing that to my attention with the ID info. As you can see, I made that change in the photo above. I did not even see that part. :o

I have tried moving the object within the Level Editor using the three arrows shown above. I am terrible with Blueprints so I will not attempt to make a level with that until I get a bit more custom with that part first.

This problem appears to happen on both Parent and Child maps. Now it appears to be happening on all maps not just one map. Am I to discard the whole project and start all over from scratch again and Hope it not happen again? I have not found any thing on this in any forum so I guess it is just me.