UE4 - Is it possible to copy paste painted foliage to another map?

Hi, my project has 1 map for campaign mode, another map for challenges; same map, now… i want to add more foliage to both, but my problem is, that if i paint one map, replicating that foliage type to the other map, make it look the same… its really complicated, so i wonder, if there is a posibility to simply copy 1 painted foliage type, and paste it to another map, or maybe export, import.

Please help

I left this for a while to see if anyone came up with a clever idea, but I don’t think it’s possible.

If you want to have maps that look the same, make one and then just copy the map file in the content browser.

I know, but the problem is that my other map is already set… so, if i create a new map again, i will have to work it from scratch (Every edit, bp, etc inside that other map), also, if in 6 months i decide to update the map with new elements… i will have to redo a second map again, for each update, wich means re-make the whole level again and again each update, because my second copy of the map, is not exactly the same game mode… thats crazy,

no idea why… there is not a simple copy paste option…