UE4 instal directory question

Is there a way I can change the default install directory? I’ve got a small ssd for my main drive and there’s not a lot of room on it.

Default install directory for what? You choose where the engine is installed at the beginning and you can choose where your project is created by clicking the arrow to the right of the project name when creating it which displays the options.

Hmmm, maybe it’s just the download that causing me trouble then. I haven’t gotten far enough to choose any locations.

I was able to choose a different directory when initially installing, but I received an error saying I didn’t have enough disk space in my documents upon opening the installer. Regardless, it’s downloading and installing, not sure how essential whatever that was is.

I use a small SSD for C:\ so I can’t put much on it.

Edit: Ah, looks like any downloads from the marketplace in the UE4 launcher. There don’t appear to be any settings to change this.