Ue4 Infant, need help

Brand new to ue4. Was following a simple tut on trigger volumes, toggle light visibility. I noticed when I hit play to test the game, the trigger volume blueprint doesnt function. However when i hit possess during play, the game functions correctly. Is this normal? Is there a setting or preference that causes this. I just would like to hit play and test logic without having to possess or click anything, its confusing, especially being new to the editor. Maybe im just doing something wrong, any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Trigger probably reacts to pawn.
If you have none setup, when you play it spawns some default one to which your trigger may not react.

Those settings should be in collision settings of trigger (in details panel).

Also if you have problems with posses. See some tutorials about setting up pawn/character (they are however a bit more advanced).

There is setting “Autoposses” in pawn blueprint you created, set it to player 0
When you hit posses, then game is in correct state.

Your trigger volume can be usually triggered by an object or a character (probably a pawn) in order to function. So if you control a “ghost” that passes though objects this won’t trigger anything. Some Starting Packages let you navigate your level in a spectator’s form (like a ghost) and not while you control a pawn.
Are you sure, you are using the correct Starting Package for this tutorial? The possess button allows you to possess a “body” so i think that this is the reason that your trigger doesn’t function.