UE4 - How to Lower the intensity of "Can character step up on" effect, how?

Hi, how may i lower the throwering effect caused by “Can character step up on” once i step over another character with “Can character step up on”?

Please help.

Just updating, i still haven´t found a solution yet, i tried with “sanding downward force scale” but even if i raise it to 1,000 or lower to cero, no change.

no idea what you are trying to do.
Maybe you need to modify the allowed step height?

Nop, max step height allows characters to walk on very inclined terrains,

  1. What i want is lower the effect that allows players to be throwed away after they jump over another character wich has “Can Character Step Up On” with “yes” selected at his capsulecomponent collision settings. This causes a normal jump, thrown effect, But…. if both player and caracter are jumping and player falls over character in while in air, player is throwed away super strong… like if it had no weight, i want to lower this “thrown” value.

  2. Also if another character is large, like a dinosaur and player starts pushing, this hudge creatures are pusheed easy like baloons…. i have been able to lower this by increasing gravity scale, but character still makes weird sliding movements when i push it…

Please help.

Needs a video or something to understand what’s going on.
However I think you are playing with simulated physics. if that’s the case you would have to figure out what activates this exact condition locally and apply impulse when it happens to counter it.

Be careful changing gravity scales - you often forget you did that.