UE4 - How to copy paste a type of painted foliage, into another map?

Hi, my project has 1 map for campaign mode, then, another map for challenges; same map, but both have different rules and effect, now… i want to add more foliage to both, but my problem is, that if i paint one map, replicating that foliage type to the other map, make it look the same… its really complicated, so i wonder, if there is a posibility to simply copy 1 painted foliage type, and paste it to another map, or maybe export, import.

Please help

Hi, I don’t know about import export for this, so if someone else knows an easy solution then you might wanna use that. But with some workaround:

The “Instanced Foliage Actor” holds all the foliage that you paint or place with procedural foliage tools (get all actors of class to access it, then get components by class “hierarchical instanced static mesh component”).
Then save the static mesh and the transforms of your foliage (via savegame) and then load it into your other map (again get the instanced foliage actor, then add “hierarchical instanced static mesh component”, then add all the transforms to it).

In the worst case you would need to load it on event begin play into your other map but with editor scripting you might be able to do that inside the editor and not in the event begin play (you would still need to save and load it but you would do so inside the editor instead of inside the game).

So editor scripting Scripting the Editor using Blueprints | Unreal Engine Documentation

You’re gonna need at least this: Calling Blueprints in the Editor | Unreal Engine Documentation
and if you want to build some windows Editor Utility Widgets | Unreal Engine Documentation
And this might also be useful for editor scripting: Creating Editor Utility Widgets | Inside Unreal - YouTube

But that is like a Blueprint solution, meaning i wont be able to see it in the viewport, just as i begin play, and i need to see it in the viewport while working,

Thats why i wanted to copy paste that type of foliage instance, if not, wont be able to render from viewport either, unless im playing