UE4 - How to blend two AI characters combat animations together at random locations?

Hi, i´m creating a fight sequence, i have several AI characters and each has its own fight animation, they were created in maya togueter, but exported per AI, now i dont understand how to sync those animas between random characters, for example if i have 30 characters, and number 8 and 12 find each other, they should stop ani other behavior, position exactly at the animation location by walking, and both start the figt sequence, this sounds imposible for UE really, unles i use the sequencer wich doesn´t apply in this case, because these characters should make it work at any location, select random fight animations, etc.

But i have seen other engine game do it, like Jurassic World Evolution, WWE 2k, UFC games etc, so it might be posible.

Please help with your ideas.