UE4 heightmap and real world scale problem in engine

I get this strange contouring problem with the heightmap imported landscape in UE4. I’ve tried so many ways but I just can’t figure out what might be wrong!

Here’s the link: click me

There is another problem going on over here. The terrain that I originally decided on was to be around 400-500 metre’s, but when I imported the heightmap it looks as if it is more than 4-5 kilometres wide, just saying! It looks really huge. The brush size at that point seems so small. Even with a camera speed of 8, it moves too slow, that big it is! Is there any way I could bring down the scale of the landscape? How would I do that in real world scale!

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

It looks like you’re using an 8bit image for creating the height map. What are you using to create it?

Have a read of this.

Hope this helps

Yup. Your heightmap looks like it’s only 8 bits per pixel, which constraints it to 256 different intensities which in turn leads to terracing. You need to import a 16 bit per pixel heightmap, that allows 65536 different intensities per pixel.

Hi there! I’m only a little bit familiar with world machine. In my current project I’m using a plane with 70/70 subdivisions created in maya and then I’m sculpting it in zbrush. After that exporting the heightmap and importing it nto UE4. What I want to ask you is how do I change the scale of the landscape without having to go to world machine. Thanks.

Well then what format are you exporting it as from zbrush? You need to make sure that is 16bit.
Then it needs to be the correct resolution

Then when its in UE4 You can scale it however you want in the import panel or the details panel.

If you use a resolution of 505x505 at 100% scale, it will be roughly 505m square.