UE4 games putting heavy load while offscreen and on menu screens

I know at least 2 games that do this, and it turned out they’re both made with UE4, so I figured I’d come here and ask what the deal was with that? My friend said something about it’s trying to render all the textures that’s going on or something. Any advice so I can pass it on to the game developers? Also, the games seem very finicky when it comes to alt-tabbing and/or using the Windows key.

That’s entirely up to the company that makes the game, ask the developer

Hmm, so you think it’s purposely done? I was told by my friend that whatever goes on during the main menu, whether it’s interactive or immersive, should be seperated from the rest of the “game world” or whatnot. Which makes sense because it wouldn’t seem neccesary to have your computer act like it’s running a game when it’s just sitting at the menu screen. I’m hoping I got the jist of what he was telling me ha…

No, the menus are technically a game level like the rest of the game. It’s displaying the UI graphics on top of a 3D scene. They might have stuff in the scene animate as you navigate through menus. It’s pretty much the same as if you were loaded in and playing the game. Some games might use only 2D UI graphics for the menus and the scene is essentially a black void and that shouldn’t be as impactful as when you’re playing the game.
But that’s all up to the developer to decide to optimize the menu scenes if they don’t want it to run so hard during menus.