UE4 Game Server Costs and Recommendations?

In this thread I would like to ask a couple of questions regarding servers and the best solutions for hosting indie multiplayer levels. My goal initially is to have one persistent level hosted online so that up to 32 users can drop in and out of the world through the network. Eventually as more active users start to fill the server I would start scaling up adding additional levels similar to how most MMO’s typically seem to work by dividing areas of map onto multiple servers. So what do you think is the best option in terms of services for scaling up in this situation? I realise these are kind of generic questions and I could use Google but I’m more interesting in recommendations to find out how UE4 developers like to handle game hosting. Honestly I have been looking at some plans and I have no idea what kind of specs I would need as I’m only familiar with hosting websites.

As a starting point let’s just say that I want to host UE4’s FPS Shooter Game template with 32 players. Users will be able to drop in and out of the level while the level remains online 24/7 (without rounds or resets etc). How would you go about this? Thanks in advance for any advice.

I am not sure if there is any documentation about gameservers for UE4, but I’d suggest to host a server, get some people to join it and see how the usage is (CPU, RAM, Bandwidth).

I’m not sure if google supports c++ servers (which ue4 is one of) so I would recommed you amazon, or google if it does support it. Both do backups as far as i know, and both have similair prizes, I suppose a server would cost you 10-30 $/Month.

Hmm I’m already using Amazon S3/Cloudfront for caching my websites, never really considered the fact I can probably use it for game hosting. Has anyone had experience hosting a game with AWS? I’m looking through their services and it’s not very obvious which services are relevant to hosting a UE4 server…

Compute cloud. League of Legends for example is using amazon as far as I know. Epic is using amazon too.