UE4 for a College Dev Team

Hi there, a few of my classmates and I are about to start a new project and we are thinking about using UE4. I’d appreciate it if you could answer a couple of questions for some poor college students. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Could my group and I buy 1 license and share it so we can all use UE4 to make our game? So instead of paying $20 per person, we just pay $20 flat?

  2. If we cancel our subscription after one month, can we continue using UE4? If so, what are we losing out on by not continuing our subscription?

Well, I think that i know answer for Q2.
“You can cancel your subscription at any time and keep using the engine, though without monthly updates.”
That means you will buy license for using engine, and you can use it. But you will not get updates. And you also have to pay 5% royalty from your sales.

Awesome, thanks for the reply! I am hoping that is the only restriction.

I knew about the 5% royalties, but I am pretty sure we aren’t going to end up selling the game we make so it shouldn’t be an issue.

No problem!

And for Q1:
I am not employee, but i think that all of you need own license but if there is like 4 guys that means 80$ one-time charge. And this isn’t very big deal I think.

There is also academic license, but you have to install it only on company’s computers.