Ue4 Fluid Surface

Hey, so I’m mucking around with the content examples at the moment, and the fluid surface actor replacement.
And I have two issues so far. Gonna make this a two part post.


I know they’re not the same code, but in UDK there was a section where you could apply a base material for the water, so it had some… movement without interaction.

I’m trying to have a normal map play ontop of the fluid surface, but also move with the fluid surface, instead of just remaining flat while ripples and etc occur.

Any ideas?


I’m not sure how to add influence forces to the default BP.
Say… I want a boat, and as the boat passes over the fluidsurface actor, waves are formed

Or a rain influence, when I place this sphere near the surface, little dots are transmitted to the render target, and that would work… I just don’t know how to actually apply this in theory. I’ve watched the GDC over and over, and due to the quality of my internet, I can’t see how the blueprints are set up.

Tl;dr I wanna add additional forces to the BP, besides the current which is just character and mouse click.

Bump, is this thread in the wrong section?