UE4 features to avoid for Nvidia VRworks SLI

I’m planning on adding support for Nvidia VRworks SLI as soon as NVIDIA releases a build of ue4 with that available, and I’m wondering if there’s already a list of ue4 features that are known to not work with SLI because of deferred rendering. I’d like to keep those in mind as I’m developing.

u can see this

in nvidia, it will release SLI

Are you sure it will use VR-SLI? I lost hope. I built two computers with 2x980ti in the hope of using it for work in vr with all the geometry and shaders and its still unusable especially with the VIVE. (~50fps so vr-sli could fix it), It’s better with the Rift but without the controllers I can’t really take advantage of it.