UE4 FBX import always comes with blank textures and materials, why?

Hi All,

Been just re-creating all my materials in UE4 after I export from Blender, and I kind of don’t like doing this every time. Is there a program out there that allows me to create 3d assets and have the “import textures / materials” checkboxes in the Unreal FBX import work as they should? Or is it an issue with the FBX format itself?

Bump. I guess I just want to know what is the point of those 2 checkboxes to import textures and materials when they’re always blank or just solid color. Surely there must be a smooth workflow where everything just gets imported, right?

I think the main issue is that a material in UE does not correspond to a material in Max or Maya or Blender.

e.g. It is a shader with multiple texture inputs that is engine/renderer specfic

Is there a program that fully supports exporting materials to Unreal Engine?