UE4 Editor won't start (I bugged Construction Script)


My UE4 editor encounters a bug and crashes after starting a project. I don’t even have time to fix the problem. I suspect the following:

I created a C++ function and exposed it to Blueprints. Sadly, I was accessing memory outside of an array. After compiling the C++ function and then Blueprint, Editor crashed. I fixed C++ code and compiled it but my Blueprint still calls the old version in the Construction Script.

What do I do?

Maybe there are not enough drivers for the correct launch of the application?

In your favorite file manager, just pluck the offending blueprint’s uasset file out of the Content folder and put it somewhere else on your computer. Then you should be able to start the editor at least. When you’re ready, then you can move the uasset file back into place. (I haven’t tried this in cases where the blueprint has many dependencies, so be careful, and consider backing up your project)