UE4 doesn't import FBX from 3ds properly?

Hi, I’m working on a house and I’m trying to import it so I can see if it looks good in the engine, not just in 3DSmax.

It goes from looking like this in max:


to this in the editor:


I’m not too sure what’s happening and I’ve done some looking around, can anybody help?

This happened:


First Reset Xform for all of the meshes. Then convert all of the meshes into Editable Poly. And then select the faces of each mesh and Flip the faces. Finally export them again and they should look as expected now.

Having similar problems when importing meshes from max.

Please check the following page: FBX Static Mesh Pipeline

There is a clear note that states:

The UE4 FBX import pipeline uses FBX 2014. Using a different version during export may result in incompatibilities.

Please check on that page under Overview section.

I’m using 2014…

Have a look here it might help you Looking for a mentor (asset creation, texturing, importing) - Asset Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums

I believe you must export objects separately… the same thing happened to me when i export many objects at the same time. or attach the geometry in 3dsMax then export