Ue4 crash on opening

ue4 give me this error when opening it


What version of the editor are you currently using? Does this occur to a blank project with no additional content or is it specific to one project? Additionally, are you using the launcher or the github master branch?

4.3 no when i lunch it on market place or from file location it compiles shaders and give this error


i have run it as adminstrator and it run but when running benchmarks it give me new error display driver stoped working and has recovered


Can you post your dxdiag here? You can find this by going to your start menu and type “cmd” into the searchbar, open the command prompt window that opens. Type dxdiag into the program and press enter, then save that file as a .txt document and upload it here.

@ :diamonds::diamonds: i have send pastebin link and thanks for the respone


Unfortunately, your computer is under our minimum recommended specs for running the engine. With this, we cannot guarantee that the engine will run on your pc. You can find a link to our minimum recommended specs here: Linux Game Development in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

It looks like what is occurring is that your laptop is using up what memory you have and cannot sustain itself during the shader compilation process, which is what leads to the crash. To be safe, however, does this produce any crash logs? For instance, if you go to the filepath \Unreal Projects\PROJECTNAME\saved\logs\ do you have any logs there or does it not get far enough to produce them?

i have fixed it reinstalling nvidia driver thanks