UE4 Community: UE requested Feedback Thread!

hi all,
I wanted to point this thread out requesting feedback on Editor Terminology ->!

We often glimpse over the forums without having time to check all the different areas, but we should take the time to keep an eye out for when UE requests feedback, especially specific feedback like this.
We should all put in our input and comment on these request threads, if we have something that would help improve the engine or something that gave us trouble when we first started or when we are just using the engine & editor.
Opportunities like this need pointing out, because if you don’t help or participate then, well to me, you have no reason to complain later. :slight_smile:

If you are new to UE or new to the forums, this thread needs your input especially, since it pertains to the new user’s experience with the editor & it’s terminology. So it’s a good time to get involved and post on the forums. Not to mention you old plugs out there, that need to step up too. :stuck_out_tongue:

These threads seem to get overlooked sometimes and they are essential to the development of the engine.
So if you think you have valuable input or just want to voice your opinion, get to it! lol

And please be so kind as to fill out the survey, even if you don’t post.

speak now or forever hold your peace! :cool: