UE4 casual game Publisher?

I am a hobbyist. For the last two years I have been using my free time to write a casual puzzle game app. I chose UE4 because my glorious days of programming are over and I really liked the visual scripting approach, but also because I did not have to pay any licence fees. The game is really a 2D game but I made it 3D so that potential porting to fun projects such as AR is there.

The game is almost finished and I started looking for publishers - probably presumptuous on me but if I can make a few quids out of this then there is another tick of my bucket list. No plans to quit my day job. Some of my testers are hooked on it so it cant be that bad.

It seems though that the casual game publishers I found are all Unity fans, with some having their own SDK to be added to the product for measurement/monetization.

is there an unwritten rule somewhere that says one should not use UE4 for casual games? Or haven’t I looked hard enough in the publishers’ world?


If you’re targeting mobile then Unity is used much more often, but there shouldn’t be an issue if you’re publishing on Steam.