UE4 built from source - UE4 Editor cannot open personal projects

Hello all,

After successfully compiling UE4 from source and compiling the samples included in the package (FPS, Top-Down, etc), they start and run flawlessly if started from Visual Studio (F5 - debugging).
However, they do not run if i try to start them from the UE4Editor manually.

Start UE4Editor.exe -> all Projects are listed -> open a Project -> Error message: “The game module ‘MyProject’ could not be found. Please ensure that this module exists and that it is compiled”. :frowning:

The same issue with the Marketplace examples. Even though i haven’t downloaded the Unreal Engine (7gb) package from there, just the examples.
Anyone else having these issues?

best regards

I have come across the same issue. I have yet to find the underlying issue though. I suspect it’s due to a version we select when compiling the project source, however, I have not found a solution to the problem other then launching through VS as well.

What configuration were you using when you built UE4? Try Development Editor.

'Development Editor ’ configuration seems to work fine. Must have something to do with the filename the Editor tries to load depending on compiled option.
Wonder if you could attach ‘-debug’ or something to the filename like Visual Studio does.

Thanks all

Yeah it actually has to do with the DLL filenames generated by your current configuration. If you compile in Debug you’ll get the -Debug tag added to the filename, so if you run a different editor, it can’t load the proper DLL (it’ll be looking for MyProject-Debug.dll, etc.)

@requisite0 did you find the solution ?