UE4 Asset Previewer

Hi guys

Is there any chance Epic is going to share the asset previewer they made in UE4 using Blueprints ?

This specifically:

If not, is there any chance we can reproduce it? I’m asking because I have zero knowledge of blueprints.
It looks like it has real time GI happening on the asset as well.
A previewer like that is very critical for me as a freelancer who wants to stay away from marmoset as long as possible. Direct in-engine feed like that is much better.

For such a previewer you have to create:

-a UMG UI which will have buttons to rotate the mesh. After that change a variable with the buttons + connect it with a rotate actor node (in the previewer actor bp -> there you can also replace the mesh).
-a background picture (plane + texture)
-a directional light
-either a skylight or GI -> take a look at the documentation

Now you will have a basic previewer :slight_smile: But it would be cool if epic games will release it so that we can see how exactly they made it