UE4 AnimStarterPack exports in Blender - Shoulders are offset?

Hi all,
Here is a quick screenshot. I can’t seem to figure out why this is happening exactly.

This is a straight up FBX export of an animation with “Export Preview Mesh” and “Map Skeletal Motion” enabled.

The shoulder is attached to the arm twist, which is in a completely different place than where it shows within the animation after the export:

Does anyone have prior experience with this / is there a solution other then to “ignore” the bone visually as you adjust the animation?

Also, if you import a new skeleton along with a mesh (re-import the export in a new project with no default content), you will see this shift happen within any file you import.

I was thinking it’s entirely possible that this is due to a re-targeted skeleton or something similar that happens within the engine rather then at the modeling level, since this change is “lost” when you import a fresh skeleton off of the same anim file.

Any help/ideas appreciated.

I found this issue reported as a UE4 Bug apparently it’s exactly because the FBX export does not take into account the re-targeting.
Does anyone know how to extract the mesh off the re-targeted skeleton? is that even possible or are 2 data sets just being merged by the engine at run-time?