UE4 and serial Communication

I am making a VR game with homemade VR glove that adds input to my game via Serial Port. Data will go from the arduino.
I tried UE4Duino plugin, but thats not working on Win 10 (because of some changes in USB driver or something similar, Serial read problems) and its 4.10 unreal version, not 4.11 or 4.12

So I need a Serial plugin for UE4.11 or UE4.12 which works on Win 10.

plz help

Im using only Blueprints.


I am working on a project like yours. I wrote some serial stuff, and it works, but I have a really big lagg between the movement in real time and the movement in unreal engine. If I package it, then it’s worse. could you find any better solution?
P.S. Im am working in C++