UE4 and Oculus Mobile/Audio SDK 1.0.0

Does UE4 require for Oculus Mobile and Audio SDKs (both 1.0.0 currently) to be pre-installed, or does UE4 come with those SDKs already built-in ?

ue4 already has the sdk built into the engine. you will need to install the oculus runtime though in order to use the hmd

There is no runtime for mobile. Afaik runtime is for desktop HMDs only.

I have been trying to integrate the Audio Sdk into the engine and have gotten some instructions specifically of adding some code from the AudioSpacializer.h to an audiokinetic cpp file. (I am using Wwise)
I also noticed there is a Oculus Spacializer plugin does this handle the integration? And is there any sample projects out there to check if the Oculus Spacializer is working?

I’m interested in Oculus Audio SDK integration into wwise as well. How are you guys doing it?

I am not doing it :slight_smile: I am new to UE4 and not a programmer, so I’d just rather use it out of the box :wink:

There is some info about spatialized audio from Oculus:

@Epic devs: do you guys have an ETA on both 1.0.0 SDKs making it to UE4 ?

Yea, I just noticed that :\ Need to stop browsing the forums while I’m talking on the phone (work) while checking tickets (also work), and eating lunch (lunch break?)